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Exterior Details
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New Roof
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A/C Upgrade
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Stone Sinks
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Wood Floors
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Leaded Windows
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Swimming Pool
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Custom Painting
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Floating Dock
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Rotunda Chadellier
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Custom Front Door
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Wine Cellar
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Outdoor Kitchen
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Metal Fencing
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Security System
Central Vacuum
Surround Sound
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Home Overview
The home is a custom design and stye that is one of a kind in its features and elegance. Sitting on the banks of Lake Lewisville, the home is crowned by a backyard view that is worth the onsite visit just to see. Due to the greenbelt on the left of the home, and the positioning and layout of the design itself, the home offers one of the most private lakeside backyards on the entire lake. The view is spectacular.

The home itself was custom designed by Bill Brown Designs. It was crafted in Classic Eclectic French Country in true tradition of Old World Styling. It carefully marries these styles and exudes the warmth and charm that one would expect to find in the Normandy Countryside.

Home Specifications
Offering 4 bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms, formal and casual dining areas, a spectacular kitchen, game room, media room, wine cellar and many other features, the home has everything you would want in a lakefront home. Many of the key features and amenities are outlined below.
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The brick on the home is a Queen Ann style which is a smaller brick than what you typically see on modern homes. Each brick is poured in a wooden mould which gives it the "crumbly" style that affords it both the perception of age and elegance. Some might even characterize the look as almost "medieval like" in its finished appearance. The brick is complemented by natural stone that was collected in South Texas.

Accents on the home are many, including the 4 chimineas that sit on the top of two of the three fireplaces. The chimineas are over 100 years old and were flown in from London where they were taken off of a cottage home that was being demolished.

The house has many unique exterior features such as the custom cedar shutters that complete the front elevation; the 'cinderella balcony' that exits off the upstairs front bedroom; and the three copper roofs over the guest bedroom, front entrance and cinderella balcony.

A walk around the home will introduce you to many other features that are unnamed here.

New Roof - Class 4, Impact Resistant Shingles
The home has just received a new Class 4 roof. Due to a hailstorm, the entire roof had to be replaced. The job was comprehensive and resulted in a $26,000 project that upgraded the roof to a Class 4 shingle which gives it a lifetime guarantee against defects and a 15 year / 110 mph wind warranty. Check with your insurance company because a Class 4 roof will also earn you a discount* on your homeowners policy.

During the upgrade the color of the roof was changed from the original grey slate to Landmark, Burnt Sienna to to compliment the overall color palette of the home.

*Check with your own insurance agent for specific discount amounts.

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Air Conditioner Upgrade
The home is heated and cooled using 3 separate Units. 2 independent 4-Ton units that heat the primary residence, and a separate 3-Ton unit that controls the Master Bedroom Suite. The entire system (all 3 systems) have just undergone (December 2011) a MAJOR upgrade. The outside compressors were just updated to 3 & 4 Ton, 16 SEER, DUAL-STAGE units. The upgrade moved the house from a 12 SEER to 16 SEER system which has significant impact on the cost-efficiency and operation of the home. This upgrade alone is significant, but the units were also updated to DUAL-ZONE units to match the multi-stage units in the home. This allows the system to operate in multiple output levels, adjusting automatically to the level of output needed to acquire the temperature you desire. Often, the acquired temperature can be obtained with simply a 1st stage operation which uses significantly less electricity and reduces the costs of operation.

Custom Stone Sinks
There are 4 stone sinks in the home. Two in the Master Bathroom; one in the Powder Bath; and a final one in the upstairs game room bar. Each of the sinks are hand-carved out of a solid piece of stone. Crafted in a stone quarry mine in Southern Mexico, the sinks were personally carried by a friend to Dallas to become part of the home. Unique stone and designs you won't see in a store or another home anywhere.
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Custom Scraped and Stained Floors
The flooring in the entire downstairs (with the exception of the Master bathroom, closet, and Guest Bedroom) is solid red oak. Once laid, the floor was hand-scraped by a crew of 3 men that worked over 8 hours to ensure the entire project met the specifications of the owners. Once the hand-scraping was complete, the floor was finished to remove lose pieces of wood and small splinters, and then finished with a dark chestnut stain to bring out the natural grain and beauty.

The floor is almost maintenance free and easily forgives scrapes and scratches.

Custom Leaded Glass Windows
One of the most beautiful features of the home are the stained glass and leaded glass windows. The first thing your visitors will see is the leaded glass entry in the front door; Although a highlight of the home, the other windows in the home should not be overlooked. There are three custom crafted windows in the Library which are done in a beveled glass diamond design that was intended to complement the leaded glass inserts you'll find in the matching Library doors.

The wine cellar has three matching windows that feature the fleur de lis design. Upstairs you will find an oval custom-designed window that allows light to enter the upstairs study area.
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Swimming Pool and Spa
One of the most enjoyable parts of the home is actually found outside, in and around the Pool and Spa. The pool is custom designed and built by BMR Pools. To install the pool, the company dug deep into the natural elevation of the lot until they hit solid limestone. It was on top of this limestone they poured the foundation to ensure it would remain stable and secure for many years.

The pool is complemented by a 7 person spa and waterfall. The waterfall off the spa is complemented further by a free standing waterfall that frames the backside of the pool.

Finishing it all off, the backyard has a beautiful deck that is positioned right off the edge of pool which is the perfect place to host larger parties that want to sit and enjoy the scenery. The deck features brick post and a solid iron railing. The decking itself is made from 25 year guaranteed decking.

Custom Paintings
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The home has a number of painting features and highlights where an artist was commissioned to bring some unique elements to the home. Most notably are the paintings of some animals in the upstairs front bedroom. In the same bedroom you will also see some classic stenciling added to the pillbox ceiling.

In the entrance rotunda, the dome was hand-painted to reflect a copper metallic finish.
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The walls in the breakfast area were finished to provide the look and feel of an outdoor bistro you might find on the streets of Venice.

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Floating Dock
The home has a private floating dock that has been in place for the past 7 years. It serves as a great stopping spot for the homeowner to tie up their own boat while offering a great fishing spot for kids that are looking to hook a small perch or sun fish.

The dock itself was designed and built in sections and can be removed from the lake in pieces if ever required. Additionally, the dock was custom designed and build to have removable floor panels on each section. This allows the homeowner to pull up the decking to gain access to the sealed plastic floats that keep the deck afloat. No styrofoam is used in the construction of the dock.

Granite Countertops
Granite is used liberally throughout the home. Most notably, you will see it in the kitchen where the design liberally uses curves and soft edges to accentuate the overall curves that you will see themed throughout the home.

Although curved designs are significantly more expensive to cut and finish in granite, almost every edge defaults to a curved finish. The granite seems almost seamless in how it was pieced and placed in the kitchen. Moving beyond the kitchen, you will find granite in the Butler's pantry, the upstairs wet bar, and on both of the Master bath vanities.
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The Home's Fireplaces
There are three fireplaces in the home. A formal fireplace in the Library which is pictured below to the left. The fireplace in the Family Room which is pictured in the center below; and the outdoor fireplace that is shown below to the far right. All three fireplaces are built as both wood-burning and/or gas equipped. Currently all three fireplaces have been set up with gas and rugged log kits.
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Chandelier & Custom Lift
The entrance Chandelier was purchased and flown in from New York. it has a matching sister piece that hangs in the formal living room. Built out of iron and glass, it weighs over 400 pounds and is mounted on an electronic lift that allows easy lowering of the chandelier to the ground for easy cleaning and bulb changing.

The electronic switch that controls this maneuver is housed in the upstairs study that oversees the rotunda so it can't be easily tampered with by the active and curious minds of younger children or guests.

Custom Front Entrance Door
The home has an impressive one-of-a-kind front door that you will never find another one to match in the world. It was designed and custom carved for the home. It measures an impressive 9 feet high, 4 feet wide & 2 inches thick. It was designed and carved as part of a set of three doors in the home. The other two hand carved doors make up the French entry that adorns the library. All of the doors have custom designed leaded glass inserts. All three carvings feature the fleur-de-lis as their certain focal point.
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Wine Cellar
Nestled under the Rotunda stairs you'll find the wine cellar. The entrance is gated by a custom, one-of-a-kind iron gate that was built in Louisiana and moved to this home to complete the room. The open-air shelves are sturdy and hold approximately 100 bottles of wine.

The space is complemented by a temperature-controlled unit that holds an additional 30 bottles of wine at the temperature of your choice.

The entire space is finished in beautiful stone.
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Outdoor Kitchen
As the homeowner will quickly learn, almost all activities and time is lured outside to the backyard living space. Outdoor grilling is a Texas staple and it's done in elegance on the 5 burner, built-in unit that is part of the outdoor kitchen. The outdoor kitchen has two under counter storage areas, a hot and cold water sink, and a built-in refrigerator. The entire station is vented out through a matching stainless steel hood top.

Outdoor cooking has never been so easy. Nor as fun!

Metal Fence
The entire acreage of the home is enclosed in a wrought iron privacy fence that runs the distance of the property. The main entrance gate was custom designed for the home with the Texas Star central to its design. The gate is radio controlled and comes with 3 remote keys.
Central Vac & Surround Sound
The house is equipped with a Central Vacuum system that ensures all dust is sent directly outdoors and avoids the problem of dust being captured inside the home.

Additionally, the home is fully wired for a Surround Sound system in most rooms in the home. It is also wired so primary rooms have the ability to have their own volume controls.
Security System
A security system is built into the home and it protects all 10 exterior entry doors and all windows to the home. It has 24-hour monitoring which also monitors the fire and smoke alarm system that is hard-wired into the home.